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Run your own connection test service

On startup, Kangee makes a connection test to check if it is reachable from the Internet. For this, a web service at getkangee.com or kangee.relevantmusic.de is used. In this section, a PHP script is provided if you want to set up your own web service to make connection tests.

Use the PHP web service (just one small PHP file) by uploading it at your web server and type the URL to the script in the apropriate field in the 'Network' tab of the Kangee configuration dialog. Please review the script for any errors before you use it.

The author will not give warranties of any kind.

You are free to redistribute and alter the script, unless you keep this copyright notice, keep the notice that it was made for Kangee and the URL below. When changing something, please make a note what you have changed. Any improvements welcome at dev@getkangee.com http://getkangee.com/

Since the PHP script initiates HTTP connections itself, you will need to install/activate libcurl for PHP

Kangee Connection Setup Flowchart

High-resolution connection setup flowchart of Kangee 0.14