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kangee and barcodes

Barcodes and QR codes

Any pieces of data like text, mobile phone numbers or product serial numbers can be displayed by using barcodes. Barcodes are easily readable by machines such as mobile phones.

The QR Code (Quick Response barcode) was created by Denso Wave in 1994, originally for the identification of car parts. The QR code technology is patented by Denso Wave, but the company has stated that everyone can use it freely.

The rise of camera phones brought the QR code to popularity, especially the usage in combination with web addresses (URLs). In Japan, the QR code can be seen on nearly every printed advertisement, while yet, it can only be seen on a few of them in the U.S. and Europe. The companies place their web address on the posters and flyers to give people the opportunity to quickly visit their websites with their mobile phones, without the need of manually typing the address into the small keys of the phone.

Just scan the QR code below to open getkangee.com in your mobile phone:

http://getkangee.com in QR code

Kangee and QR codes

Using Kangee, on the one hand you can create uploads by clicking []Add Upload... and selecting a file or dropping it into the Kangee window. You now can submit the link Kangee has created to your communication partner who is able to download the file from you. On the other hand you can initiate downloads by clicking []Add Download and submitting the link to your communication partner who can upload a file right to you.

In both cases, the link exchange with your communication partners can be done by using the QR code Kangee generates. Just right-click on an upload/download. The menu that pops up will display a QR-code link to the resource. Another way is to click on the [] Show Preferences button on the resource. The window that pops up will display a QR code on the bottom.

Every device scanning the QR code of a Kangee resource will be able to download the file directly from you/upload a file directly to you.

Kangee is able to generate QR barcodes thanks to the ZXing Project.

Get a QR Code Reader for Your Phone

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For the Apple iPhone


For Android phones

ZXing Barcode Scanner

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